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• April 2011. The Masterclass Fashion Strategy Student developed a retailconcept which would pop-up during Arnhem Mode Biënnale 2011. The concept was named WORKSHOP  [wərkˌsh äp]

A store sells products, items, clothing or an experience. But what would make a visitor or guest that visits a store feel extra welcome? Is it the smell of the store? The sound you will hear? Or can a little freebie do the trick? Especially when it has a personal touch. What kind of freebie could it be? Sometimes a small ribbon – such as the ones you will get as a visitor at a music festival – shows that you have a bond with an event. In our case, that you and me, we all have a band with [wərkˌsh äp]. We are researching if and how we want to conclude a little gizmo, to give to lovely guests of [wərkˌsh äp]. Or if we want to make it together in [wərkˌsh äp].

Watch my ‘Amber in Retail’ movie below.