BrandedU Seminar


BrandedU is an initiative of a dear and inspiring friend of mine:  Nancy Poleon, owner and founder of Branded Personalities

Career planning is a big challenge for most women. We don’t always know how to position ourselves and are very hesitant about doing this at all. With branding it is all about how to get yourself noticed so it benefits your career”

BrandedU is a program that includes 4 seminars (consisting of workshops, inspirational talks and networking opportunities) developed for women to help them with their career planning. Goal is not only to inspire but also to give women the right tools to make themselves more visible. At the third seminar will carry the title  ‘Managing your leadership toolset’ and will be organized on the 16th of September in Hotel Droog, Amsterdam. I am proud to have been invited to come and tell my personal story, ideas on this subject and to give a workshop titled: Fearless Ambition, planning your next steps.

Last but not least a video interview for BrandedU with me is live on the Harper’s Bazaar website or watch it in this post. Enjoy!

Do check the BrandedU website for more information and registration.