Copenhagen Fashion Week: Runwayshow Bruuns Bazaar


Copenhagen 12-08-2010 | 18:00 | Silkegade 8. In the last decade Bruuns Bazaar has emerged as one of the leading designer brands in Scandinavia, but they also rock Holland!  Bruuns Bazaar is an innovative international design company, creating beautiful men’s and women’s clothing as well as accessories. It’s a design driven (Attention and please repeat after me: DESIGN driven is the key!) company where quality is a top priority. The unique blend of classic style and edgy pieces with personal attitude has created a loyal following in Europe. Today the company represents both the Bruuns Bazaar brand as well as the diffusion line BZR. But this time I was not so happy seeing the collection…..

Bruuns Bazaar SS 2011 Runwayshow

It was a rainy thursday in Copenhagen. The (big!) court of the Bruuns Bazaar building had been coverd by a big plastic sheet but due to heavy rain it was frightening dripping through it. The whole court and entourage was just beautiful. I like the way Copenhagen is doing it’s official runwayshows in charming places around the city.
Bruuns Bazar showed both it’s mens- as womenswear collection. The men’s outfits shown were mainly suits and it had no show element at all. I would have loved to see Viking kind of models in it!!
The womenswear collection I found disappointing. The show was set up very commercially, actually no show element at all. Hair, make-up, shoes, accessories…I can’t even remember them. Last june Bjorn Bruun, the designer behind this labe, was being interviewed by Style Today.(click here to see it) Bjorn was talking about his aim in designing relaxed elegance, dressing up and that for summer 2011 he saw MAXI as a big trend (me too!) but maybe start with short maxi. But what was presented in the show was, in my eyes, not a relaxed elegance and I couldn’t discover a signature, a statement or a maxi silhouette. Yes, a clear thread were the flounces (volants) on bra/boob level which came back in different designs. Not flattering at all! When you look at the video I made of the défile you’ll see that the flounce designs were not presented in it. (But I have some pics!)

For SS 2011 Bruuns Bazaar choose colours like skin, salmon, a bit of orange and a very light jade. I liked this colour pallet. I also was charmed by the contrast in styling of little flowerprints with a block stripe. Ofcourse I have seen some dresses and tops that were great but it’s not the Bruuns Bazar I allways get excited about…….